Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger

170,000,000 years ago, five ancient human tribes, with the protection of the Guardian Beasts, coexisted peacefully with the dinosaurs. This ended when an evil witch named Bandora started a war on the dinosaurs because of the death of her son Kai. Bandora decided that the only way Kai's death could be avenged was if she sold her soul to Great Satan, an evil entity long defeated by the Guardian Beasts in their original form. In the end, the five tribes were ruined and the dinosaurs became extinct. The Guardian Beasts sealed Bandora and her minions on the planet Nemesis before going into hibernation. In 1992, Nemesis returned to near Earth's orbit. Two Japanese astronauts exploring the planet accidentally released her and her minions from their prison. With Bandora free, her arch-enemy, the wizard Barza retreated to his underground lair 2,000 meters below the apartment building where he worked as a front. There, he revived the five warriors he had been guarding, who had been in suspended animation to be awakened when they were needed. These five were each a member of the ancient human tribes, who co-existed with the dinosaurs. With the aid of the Guardian Beasts, the Zyurangers fought Bandora and her Dora Monsters. Later in the series, after the five have become used to modern times, the leader's elder brother comes forth with tales of jealousy and vengeance

Zyuranger The Series

Episode 01: Megaupload
Episode 02: Megaupload
Episode 03: Megaupload
Episode 04: Megaupload
Episode 05: Megaupload
Episode 06: Megaupload
Episode 07: Megaupload
Episode 08: Megaupload
Episode 09: Megaupload
Episode 10: Megaupload
Episode 11: Megaupload
Episode 12: Megaupload
Episode 13: Megaupload
Episode 14: Megaupload
Episode 15: Megaupload
Episode 16: Megaupload
Episode 17: Megaupload
Episode 18: Megaupload
Episode 19: Megaupload
Episode 20: Megaupload
Episode 21: Megaupload
Episode 22: Megaupload
Episode 23: Megaupload
Episode 24: Megaupload
Episode 25: Megaupload
Episode 26: Megaupload
Episode 27: Megaupload
Episode 28: Megaupload
Episode 29: Megaupload
Episode 30: Megaupload
Episode 31: Megaupload
Episode 32: Megaupload
Episode 33: Megaupload
Episode 34: Megaupload
Episode 35: Megaupload
Episode 36: Megaupload
Episode 37: Megaupload
Episode 38: Megaupload
Episode 39: Megaupload
Episode 40: Megaupload
Episode 41: Megaupload
Episode 42: Megaupload
Episode 43: Megaupload
Episode 44: Megaupload
Episode 45: Megaupload
Episode 46: Megaupload
Episode 47: Megaupload
Episode 48: Megaupload
Episode 49: Megaupload
Episode 50: Megaupload

JAKQ Dengekitai

Iron Claw is the "Crime Czar" of a global criminal empire known simply as "Crime". With a network of wealthy and influential sympathizers and employing an army of faceless, leather- masked thugs (Crimers) and cyborg/robot assassins, "Crime" seeks to become the most powerful mafia organization in the world. To combat this threat, INTERPOL organizes a special taskforce to spearhead the efforts to bring Crime to justice. Based in New York, ISSIS (International Science Special Investigation Squad [Kokusai Kagaku Tokusou Tai]) begins to organize its forces around the world to battle Crime. Tokyo ISSIS branch commander, Kujirai Daisuke, proposes a radical experiment to aid his forces in Japan. Taking the codename “Joker”, he recruits four young test subjects to undergo his cyborg enhancement project – multitalented athlete and Olympic Gold medalist Sakurai Gorou, disgraced Junior Walter Weight Champion boxer Higashi Ryuu, critically injured Police Woman Karen Mizuki and clinically dead and cryogenically sustained Oceanographer Daichi Bunta. Surgically altered and given various energy manipulation powers and bionic enhancements, the four youths begin their mission to destroy Crime as the crime-busting quartet code-named "JAKQ – Dengekitai". Later on, uber cyborg and master of disguise Banba Soukichi is added to the team to strengthen their number and step up their attack on Crime.

JAKQ The Series
  1. Devil Killer (megaupload)
  2. Devil Drill (megaupload)
  3. Devil Mite (megaupload)
  4. Devil Gun (megaupload)
  5. Devil Wrestler (megaupload)
  6. Devil Amazon (megaupload)
  7. Devil Electric (megaupload)
  8. Devil Flower (megaupload)
  9. Devil Spider (megaupload)
  10. Devil Cane (megaupload)
  11. Devil Gang (megaupload)
  12. Devil Sphinx (megaupload)
  13. Devil Goo (megaupload)
  14. Devil Wolf (megaupload)
  15. Devil Mummy (megaupload)
  16. Devil Ball (megaupload)
  17. Devil Devil (megaupload)
  18. Devil Fishing (megaupload)
  19. Devil Athletic (megaupload)
  20. Devil BEM (megaupload)
  21. Devil Batter (megaupload)
  22. Devil Scrap (megaupload)
  23. Atomic Witch (megaupload)
  24. Hell's Angel (megaupload)
  25. General Antongam (megaupload)
  26. Captain Ghost (megaupload)
  27. Fuehrer Crocodile (megaupload)
  28. Tentacles Lay Priest (megaupload)
  29. Chief Mantis (megaupload)
  30. Great Priest Cobra (megaupload)
  31. Shachira Khan (megaupload)
  32. Battalion Leader Chameleon (megaupload)
  33. Admiral Buffalo (megaupload)
  34. Great King Icarus (megaupload)
  35. Warrior Iron Claw (megaupload)
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Fuun Lionmaru

Fuun Lion-Maru (風雲ライオン丸 Fūun Raionmaru), translated as Storm Cloud Lion Maru, was a tokusatsu series that aired in Japan in 1973. It was the second series in the Lion-Maru trilogy a and featured a third Maru-like character named Black Jaguar. This Lion-Maru is deemed "the Rolling Tempest the Ninja Warrior." This series was popularized in Brazil as "Lion Man" in 1989.

Fuun Lionmaru The Series
  1. Episode 01 (Megaupload)
  2. Episode 02 (Megaupload)
  3. Episode 03 (Megaupload)
  4. Episode 04 (Megaupload)
  5. Episode 05 (Megaupload)
  6. Episode 06 (Megaupload)
  7. Episode 07 (Megaupload)
  8. Episode 08 (Megaupload)
  9. Episode 09 (Megaupload)
  10. Episode 10 (Megaupload)
  11. Episode 11 (Megaupload)
  12. Episode 12 (Megaupload)
  13. Episode 13 (Megaupload)
  14. Episode 14 (Megaupload)
  15. Episode 15 (Megaupload)
  16. Episode 16 (Megaupload)
  17. Episode 17 (Megaupload)
  18. Episode 18 (Megaupload)
  19. Episode 19 (Megaupload)
  20. Episode 20 (Megaupload)
  21. Episode 21 (Megaupload)
  22. Episode 22 (Megaupload)
  23. Episode 23 (Megaupload)
  24. Episode 24 (Megaupload)
  25. Episode 25 (Megaupload)
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Kamen Rider Amazon

A plane crashes in the Amazon rainforest, leaving young Daisuke Yamamoto stranded without his parents. Soon adopted by an Incan tribe, Daisuke becomes a wild child, living off the land. However, Daisuke's idyllic existence is cut short when Gorgos, the Ten Faced Demon, massacres his village, slaughtering everyone except himself in search for the powerful "GiGi Armlet", which gives the bearer fantastic power. Elder Bago, last of the Incas, gives the GiGi Armlet to Daisuke for safekeeping while using his knowledge of Incan science and magic to perform a mystical "operation" on Daisuke, transforming him into the powerful "Kamen Rider Amazon" before he died. Arriving at Japan, Daisuke battles Geddon without full knowledge of their reason of pursing him. Befriending the nephew and niece of Professor Kousaka, Daisuke learns the nature of the GiGi Armlet as he defeats Geddon and then the Garanda Empire.

Amazon The Series :
  1. Man or Beast? The Cool Guy Who Came From the Jungle (megaupload)
  2. Ten-Faced Demon! God or Devil (megaupload)
  3. The Strong, Naked, Fast Guy (megaupload)
  4. Run! The Raging Jungler (megaupload)
  5. The Weirdo Who Came From Underground (megaupload)
  6. The Inca Rope-Pattern Writing Mystery (megaupload)
  7. Melt! Melt! The Terrifying Snake Beastman (megaupload)
  8. The Crocodile Beastman Who Attacked the School (megaupload)
  9. Go, Amazon! The Crab Beastman's Island (megaupload)
  10. Black Cat Beastman Aiming at the Nursery School (megaupload)
  11. The Golden Snail's the Reaper's Envoy (megaupload)
  12. Seen! Geddon's Beastman Modification Room (megaupload)
  13. Approaching! Ten-Faced Demon! Danger, Amazon megaupload)
  14. The Ten-Faced Demon Dies! And a New Enemy megaupload)
  15. He Came Forth! The Terrible Great Emperor Zero (megaupload)
  16. Garander's Tokyo Sea of Flames Operation (megaupload)
  17. Mt. Fuji Big Explosion? The Tokyo Fry Pan Operation (megaupload)
  18. Zero's Terror! The Massive Earthquake Operation (megaupload)
  19. Going into Action, The Garander Boys' Squad (megaupload)
  20. Mole Beastman's Last Activity (megaupload)
  21. Cannibal Beastman to Eat the Frozen Rider (megaupload)
  22. Inca Doll's Day to Annihilate Greater Tokyo (megaupload)
  23. Imitation Riders vs. Amazon Rider (megaupload)
  24. You Did It, Amazon!! The End of Great Emperor Zero (megaupload)
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