Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger

Synopsis : Master ShaFu teaches three young people the martial art skills of the Beast-Fist style as the Gekiranger to combat the evil Akugata, who practice the Confrontation Hall (RinJyuDen) style. Their GekiBeasts to assist in the battle, they gain more as they learn more styles for the Kensei, masters who have lost their human forms for beast forms. Their trio becomes a quintet with GekiViolet and GekiChopper and keeps on growing. The youngsters learn secrets from the past tied to their blood that rock them to the core, but they find their own path.

Gekiranger The Series :
  1. Niki-Niki! Fierce Beast-Fist! (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  2. Waki-Waki! Beast-Fist Gattai! (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  3. Shio-Shio! Cleaning Power (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  4. Zowa-Zowa! The Five Venom Fists (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  5. Uja-Uja! What Should I Do? (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  6. Juwān! …What's That? (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  7. Shuba-Shuba Dancing! (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  8. Koto-Koto… Intently Koto-Koto (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  9. The Kena-Kena Woman (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  10. Jara-Jara Attack! The First Errand (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  11. Ukya-Ukya! Beast-Fist Armament (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  12. Zowan-Zowan! Confrontation Beast-Fist, Training Starts (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  13. Shin-Shin! The Spirit's Dance (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  14. Netsu-Netsu! Forget the Technique (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  15. Howa-Howa! Mama Skills (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  16. Jiri-Jiri! Confrontation Beast Hall, Extracurricular Class (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  17. Goro-Goro! Teacher and Student Love (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  18. Sharkin-Kīn! The Body is Strong (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  19. Gokin-Gokin! Showdown with Rio (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  20. Gicho-Gicho! Triangle Opposition Match (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  21. Biki-Biki-Biki-Biki! Extreme Ki Extremely (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  22. Kyui-Kyui! Date with a Celebrity (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  23. Gure-Gure! Sukeban Captain (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  24. Garu-Garu! What!? (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  25. Hine-Hine! Just My Violet Fierce Ki (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  26. Mohe-Mohe! Consulting your Worries (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  27. Beran-Beran! Burn, Commentator (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  28. With Bishi-Bishi Pikīn Osu! (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  29. Guda-Guda Here-Here! Shopping (Guda-Guda Here-Here! Shoppingu)
  30. The Sei-Sei and Dou-Dou Woman (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  31. We Muni-Muni! (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  32. Zowangi-Zowango! The Gathering, Beast Origin Village (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  33. Fure-Fure Gatchiri! Kung Fu Chūshingura (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  34. Gowan-Gowan's Dain-Dain! Beast Fist Giant God, Kenzan (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  35. Gyuon-Gyuon! Beast Power Bloom (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  36. Mukyu-Mukyu! The Three Kaitō Sisters (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  37. Gyan-Gyan! Useless Arranged Marriage Interview (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  38. Biba-Biba! Another Retsu (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  39. Uro-Uro! The Children Don't Return (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  40. Head, Bakān! The Shocking Truth (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  41. Zushi-Zushi! No More (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  42. Wasshi-Wasshi Moving On! (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  43. Hapi-Hapi! Merry Christmas, Osu (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  44. Wafu-Wafu! Father's Melody (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  45. Pikīn! Showdown of Destiny (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  46. Gyawa-Gyawa Memories (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  47. Pika-Pika! My Path (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  48. Saba-Saba! Crucial Fist Judgement (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  49. Zun-Zun! The Beast-Fist, for All Time… (Indowebster | Megaupload)
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