Ultraseven X

Ultraseven X (Urutorasebun Ekkusu) is the 24th entry in the Tsuburaya Productions long-running Ultra Series. It is a revival of the 1967 classic Ultra Seven, and is the first in Tsuburaya Productions Ultra hero series to be exclusively for an adult audience. The show first aired on October 5,2007 at 2.15am on CBC and 2.25am on TBS.

Ultraseven X The Series
  1. Dream (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  2. Code Name "R" (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  3. Hoppeles (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  4. Diamond "S" (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  5. Peace Maker (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  6. Traveler (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  7. Your Song (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  8. Blood Message (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  9. Red Moon (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  10. Memories (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  11. Aqua Project (Indowebster | Megaupload)
  12. New World (Indowebster | Megaupload)
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