JAKQ Dengekitai

Iron Claw is the "Crime Czar" of a global criminal empire known simply as "Crime". With a network of wealthy and influential sympathizers and employing an army of faceless, leather- masked thugs (Crimers) and cyborg/robot assassins, "Crime" seeks to become the most powerful mafia organization in the world. To combat this threat, INTERPOL organizes a special taskforce to spearhead the efforts to bring Crime to justice. Based in New York, ISSIS (International Science Special Investigation Squad [Kokusai Kagaku Tokusou Tai]) begins to organize its forces around the world to battle Crime. Tokyo ISSIS branch commander, Kujirai Daisuke, proposes a radical experiment to aid his forces in Japan. Taking the codename “Joker”, he recruits four young test subjects to undergo his cyborg enhancement project – multitalented athlete and Olympic Gold medalist Sakurai Gorou, disgraced Junior Walter Weight Champion boxer Higashi Ryuu, critically injured Police Woman Karen Mizuki and clinically dead and cryogenically sustained Oceanographer Daichi Bunta. Surgically altered and given various energy manipulation powers and bionic enhancements, the four youths begin their mission to destroy Crime as the crime-busting quartet code-named "JAKQ – Dengekitai". Later on, uber cyborg and master of disguise Banba Soukichi is added to the team to strengthen their number and step up their attack on Crime.

JAKQ The Series
  1. Devil Killer (megaupload)
  2. Devil Drill (megaupload)
  3. Devil Mite (megaupload)
  4. Devil Gun (megaupload)
  5. Devil Wrestler (megaupload)
  6. Devil Amazon (megaupload)
  7. Devil Electric (megaupload)
  8. Devil Flower (megaupload)
  9. Devil Spider (megaupload)
  10. Devil Cane (megaupload)
  11. Devil Gang (megaupload)
  12. Devil Sphinx (megaupload)
  13. Devil Goo (megaupload)
  14. Devil Wolf (megaupload)
  15. Devil Mummy (megaupload)
  16. Devil Ball (megaupload)
  17. Devil Devil (megaupload)
  18. Devil Fishing (megaupload)
  19. Devil Athletic (megaupload)
  20. Devil BEM (megaupload)
  21. Devil Batter (megaupload)
  22. Devil Scrap (megaupload)
  23. Atomic Witch (megaupload)
  24. Hell's Angel (megaupload)
  25. General Antongam (megaupload)
  26. Captain Ghost (megaupload)
  27. Fuehrer Crocodile (megaupload)
  28. Tentacles Lay Priest (megaupload)
  29. Chief Mantis (megaupload)
  30. Great Priest Cobra (megaupload)
  31. Shachira Khan (megaupload)
  32. Battalion Leader Chameleon (megaupload)
  33. Admiral Buffalo (megaupload)
  34. Great King Icarus (megaupload)
  35. Warrior Iron Claw (megaupload)
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