Kamen Rider Amazon

A plane crashes in the Amazon rainforest, leaving young Daisuke Yamamoto stranded without his parents. Soon adopted by an Incan tribe, Daisuke becomes a wild child, living off the land. However, Daisuke's idyllic existence is cut short when Gorgos, the Ten Faced Demon, massacres his village, slaughtering everyone except himself in search for the powerful "GiGi Armlet", which gives the bearer fantastic power. Elder Bago, last of the Incas, gives the GiGi Armlet to Daisuke for safekeeping while using his knowledge of Incan science and magic to perform a mystical "operation" on Daisuke, transforming him into the powerful "Kamen Rider Amazon" before he died. Arriving at Japan, Daisuke battles Geddon without full knowledge of their reason of pursing him. Befriending the nephew and niece of Professor Kousaka, Daisuke learns the nature of the GiGi Armlet as he defeats Geddon and then the Garanda Empire.

Amazon The Series :
  1. Man or Beast? The Cool Guy Who Came From the Jungle (megaupload)
  2. Ten-Faced Demon! God or Devil (megaupload)
  3. The Strong, Naked, Fast Guy (megaupload)
  4. Run! The Raging Jungler (megaupload)
  5. The Weirdo Who Came From Underground (megaupload)
  6. The Inca Rope-Pattern Writing Mystery (megaupload)
  7. Melt! Melt! The Terrifying Snake Beastman (megaupload)
  8. The Crocodile Beastman Who Attacked the School (megaupload)
  9. Go, Amazon! The Crab Beastman's Island (megaupload)
  10. Black Cat Beastman Aiming at the Nursery School (megaupload)
  11. The Golden Snail's the Reaper's Envoy (megaupload)
  12. Seen! Geddon's Beastman Modification Room (megaupload)
  13. Approaching! Ten-Faced Demon! Danger, Amazon megaupload)
  14. The Ten-Faced Demon Dies! And a New Enemy megaupload)
  15. He Came Forth! The Terrible Great Emperor Zero (megaupload)
  16. Garander's Tokyo Sea of Flames Operation (megaupload)
  17. Mt. Fuji Big Explosion? The Tokyo Fry Pan Operation (megaupload)
  18. Zero's Terror! The Massive Earthquake Operation (megaupload)
  19. Going into Action, The Garander Boys' Squad (megaupload)
  20. Mole Beastman's Last Activity (megaupload)
  21. Cannibal Beastman to Eat the Frozen Rider (megaupload)
  22. Inca Doll's Day to Annihilate Greater Tokyo (megaupload)
  23. Imitation Riders vs. Amazon Rider (megaupload)
  24. You Did It, Amazon!! The End of Great Emperor Zero (megaupload)
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